Friday, 2 March 2012

Podge Beer Tour - Live Blogging

Day 2

Strewth, massive day of beer !

Custard croissant - always a good start to a day in Belgium and on the bus at 10 towards Dupont Brewery for 11.30.

A history of the brewery followed by a tour of the new brewery, a couple of beers, Moinette blond and brun, both 8.5% just to get us going. A quick Dupont Saison on draught or a bottle of their rare stout at the Caves Dupont pub over the road and back on the bus to get to Dubuisson Brewery for 1.45pm.

A meal complete with prunes in the beef stew,always a good sign, a pint (sorry 50 cl) of Wit from their Troll microbrewery followed by a brewery tour and tasting of another five beers,including the 12% Bush beer that the brewery is famous for and the Prestige,an equally strong beer aged in cognac barrels.

Long session here but back on the bus to reach Quintine Brasserie for 6.30.

A tasting platter of four beers here including the excellent Hercules Stout. There is a chance you will find a picture of me enjoying myself on Facebook though my notes from here on are patchy.

Final stop, 8pm is Brasserie Slagmuylder (sp?) for more beef stew, and a glass of the Dubbel and the Trippel (Pater Witcap) before turning
in for the night.

Hotel for 10.30, though again the hard liners are on a late night bar crawl.

I am settling down early anticipating another big day tomorrow.

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