Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sheffield Tap

Last week, I was talking about breakthrough bars in London and I was reminded about this on a short trip to Sheffield at the weekend. Surely the greatest and quickest breakthrough bar lately is the Sheffield Tap on platform one of the station.

The bar opened in December and was quickly flagged as must-visit notably by leading beer writer and Yorkshireman, Pete Brown. The pub has quickly become something of a weekend destination bar with capacity being reached by early evening. This is not your bog-standard station buffet !

They are now running brewery showcase months and on my visit last month there were four Brewdog pumpclips alongside the regular four from Thornbridge. This month they are bringing Dark Star beers to the beer lovers of South Yorkshire.

Of course, if you are not taken with this choice of casks there is a list of over 200 bottles and plenty of tasty kegs from around the world.

A major achievement happened last month as they announced that they had broken through 6,000 pints sold in a week - some breakthrough bar and definitely recommended.

A couple of other points about Sheffield. If you are in the area for a few days with a car, take a copy of Bob Steel's Peak District Pub Walks - a life saver (should that be thirst-quencher ?) when seeking to take in some decent beer among the fabulous scenery in the area.

I'm glad to see Thornbridge Jaipur advertised as being available at Student Union Bars - who said yoof was not interested in fine beer ?

I also note that the Kelham Island Tavern is CAMRA's national pub of the year for 2008 and 2009; Yorkshire pub of the year for 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2009 and Sheffield pub of the year for 2004,2005,2006,2007, 2008 and 2009. A remarkable feat given the number of good pubs in the city they call beer mecca.


Bailey said...

It's a great pub and the novelty value of the setting doesn't hurt. The last time I went, the BrewDog beers had disappeared (boo!) to be replaced by four more Thornbridge beers (hooray!).

Anonymous said...

I have visited this pub on numerous occasions. I usually settle for the Thornbridge ales. These ales are always distinctive and enjoyable. However on my last visit I tried a pint of czech lager (Bernard) it was dispensed completely flat and tasted oxidised. I complaned to the barman who was abrupt and rude, the manager eventually came and informed me it was ment to taste that way! I work in a brewery so was unconviced by his excuses. He refused me a refund even tho I only consumed a mouthfull. Needless to say I wont be returning to this pub after such shocking customer service.

Carl said...

The Pub On Sheffield Station...

On Platform One there’s an exceptional pub
The subject of this improvisation -
Selling world beers and good cheap grub
It’s the pub on Sheffield Station

I discovered it with my boss from work
I’m afraid we gave in to temptation
When waiting for a train it seemed a bit of a perk
To visit the pub on Sheffield Station

As time ticked on the beer was poured
And the glasses were in constant rotation
It was all strong stuff that stopped us being bored
Waiting at the pub on Sheffield Station

Then the train it came, we were on our way
And before long before I felt a curious sensation
For all that beer there was a price to pay
Thanks to the pub on Sheffield Station

I needed to pee but the loo was locked
And holding it in became a frustration
My route to toilet relief was blocked
I should’ve gone at the pub on Sheffield Station

The train wound down through country and town
And my body grew wet with perspiration
My bladder was so full I thought I would drown
Due to the pub on Sheffield Station

Then the guard announced the train was late
And it felt like sheer castration
I crossed my legs as I was forced to wait
Curse the pub on Sheffield Station!

London at last! I dashed to the gent
A feeling of such elation!
I let rip, a feeling heaven sent
Relief from the pub on Sheffield Station!

Then I woke up and felt the damp bed
And my wife she sought an explanation
“Don’t blame me!” I simply said
‘Twas the pub on Sheffield Station!