Thursday, 25 March 2010

Egham United Services Club

Over the last couple of weeks I have been writing about pubs and bars that have come to our attention in the last year or so that are now considered something special.

I have been reminded that there is also a club bar that is making an extra effort too. The Egham United Services Club first hit the radar when it was voted North Surrey CAMRA Club of the Year in 2008 - a title it has now defended in 2009 and 2010. It also went onto be runner-up in the national final for CAMRA Club of the Year last year and is awaiting the result for the final of this year's competition.

One of the reasons it has done so well is the excellent beer list at its regular beer festivals. The next one is over the Easter weekend and will include beers from many local breweries including Ascot, Dorking and Redemption together with beers from farther afield including four from Marble and six from Waylands Sixpenny - the new name for the Waylands Brewery when it moved from Addlestone to Sixpenny Handley in Dorset.

The club is about a ten minute walk from Egham station and is most welcoming to CIU and CAMRA members.

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Mark said...

I lived in Egham for 3 years while at university and there was never a beer festival, dammit! That's a really impressive beer list - we've been looking for excuses to return to Egham for a few beers and if this didn't coincide with Planet Thanet then we'd probably be there.