Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Latest from Sambrook's

The latest news from Sambrook's Brewery is that sales of Wandle Ale continue to grow both in terms of the number of pubs taking the beer and the amount of beer each pub is selling.

A new fermenting vessel will be installed in the next two or three weeks and while most of the increased capacity will go to fulfilling more orders for Wandle, there will be capacity for a second beer at the beginning of November to coincide with CAMRA's London Pubs Week.

This, as yet un-named beer, will be a 4.5% best bitter. Any inspiration for a name will be gratefully received.

There is a newly appointed young brewer in situ, Andrew Dickson, who trained at Heriott Watt brewing school and has since furthered his training at Archers, Wadworths, Fullers and Oxfordshire Ales.

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To declare my interest, I am CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Sambrook's Brewery.

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