Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Cask Report

The last post suggested that although it has a lower retail price than other beers, cask ale creates a unique value chain that increases turnover and profit for pubs that sell it.

This is shown by a nice slide in the report (page 19) that did not reproduce well here. The value chain is illustrated thus :

Cask ale stockists are seen as better quality pubs

The cask ale drinker decides pub choice in group

Cask ale is only available in pubs

Cask ale drinkers are more affluent

Therefore :

Cask beer brings more customers into the pub

Cask beer drinkers visit pubs more often

Cask beer drinkers have a higher average spend per pub visit

In conclusion :

Cask ale = higher overall beer turnover

Cask ale = higher overall total turnover

Case proved.


Dr F J Barrow-Clough said...

Drink a few pints of CASK ALE = Relaxed Person

Drink a few pints of YELLOW FIZZ = Aggressive Person


Rudolph said...

QED ( Quite Easily Demonstrated!!)

Or for us Latin Scholars
Quod Erat Demonstrandum