Monday, 14 September 2009

Wikio Blog Rankings

It will not have gone unnoticed among the more eagle eyed of you that this blog has soared to number 39 in the Wikio blog rankings for wine and beer.

It is good to see that Pete Brown's Blog has dislodged wine blog The Spitoon from the top, thoroughly deserved for his efforts in the last month.

What is most gratifying is that it looks as though the blogs written about beer are generally in an upward trajectory and those about wine are going down the rankings.

Don't get me wrong, I like wine but the joy of writing and reading about beer is that it takes you to the pub - a social scene largely out of bounds to the wine writer as it is such an unfruitful source of material.


haddonsman said...

I think that it may have more to do with a bunch of beer bloggers all linking into each other, bearing in mind Wikio uses linkage rather than traffic as a rank determinant.

Andrew said...

what are you saying! ;-)

Brewblogger said...

Top Wikio tips-
Use Twitterfeed to update your Twitter account.
It scans your blog for updates then posts a link automatically. Link your Twitter feed to your Facebook feed (Yes Steve I can't remember how to do it!)
On Facebook use the import notes and Networked blogs apps to update your feed with new blog posts.
All these are dynamic links that increase your Wiko ranking. Arfur, Brew Wales, no 5 on Wikio (down from 2, but did have a week off blogging last month)

Lynx Shower Gel Inc. said...

Why did you have to mention Eagle Eye?