Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Axe the Tax

The British Beer & Pub Association has decided that its message to "Axe the Tax" is an unrealistic goal in the current economic climate.

Axe the Tax was launched last year in an effort to persuade Government to reduce duty on beer following hefty increases and an apparent prejudice against the beer drinker.

It is now clear that we are not going to see any reductions in ANY taxes for the foreseeable future. Indeed, John Grogan MP, chair of the Parliamentary Beer Group, suggested to an industry forum last week that "Axe the Tax" was not a slogan that would work any time soon.

So, a sad day for Mr Pinty, another statistic in the unemployment figures, and a message to the beer drinker to get used to having to help pay our way out of recession.

No surprise there. This recession is deep and long and it will take an unpalatable mixture of higher taxes and reduced public spending to bring us back.

As beer drinkers, it will become our patriotic duty to drink more beer and be proud to pay more for it to do our bit for King and Country.

Are you ready for that test of your commitment ?


The Beer Nut said...

Nobody ever thinks of the anthropomorphic beverages, do they?

Ronald Marsh said...

Drink more beer?

Steve, it must be your round!