Friday, 17 July 2009

A Year of Blogging

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of this blog. I don't know why I started. Possibly jumping on a band wagon, possibly keen to share the experiences and news of a CAMRA Regional Director, perhaps just vain and pretentious enough to want to see my views published, maybe to see whether I was as good at writing about beer as I am at drinking the stuff - probably all of the above.

Over the year, I have written 189 posts, an average of every other day or so. Over 5,000 readers have dropped in. Most never return which says a lot about the content but there are a steady 600-700 of you who are regular visitors.

This is nothing compared to the most successful blogs that are getting hundreds of thousands of hits each day, and even the best beer blogs do way better than my humble statistics. But I am thrilled with those numbers and from nothing they are beyond my expectations.

Over the year, to my face, I have been called precious, anal, indiscreet, biased, geeky and boring - all things that I have never previously felt to be among my best qualities. I have also met plenty on my travels who appreciate these efforts and have shared many a splendid time in their company.

I hope I have shared stuff that you may not have come across anywhere else and I hope I have led you towards some great beer over the year.

I feel as though I have run out of steam a little lately but hopefully GBBF will invigorate the blog as I share again with you my experience of the event from the press office.

Cheers All



Angus Chucklebutty said...

You run out of steam? Never!

You run out of a pub when it's your round?

Answers on a postcard please!

Rudolph said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! As 1 of the 600-700 steady readers I congratulate you on making it a year! I thought I knew a fair bit about beer it all its forms but you have introduced me to some very interesting articles. Mainly Zythophile, books and American Beer( which I am still a novice at so looking forward to GBBF) Keep up the good blogging and video interviews of the beer!!

Bailey said...

We all have periods when our mojo is low, but you've been very consistent, and this is always one of the first blogs I look at. And make some more videos -- they were good!

Shaft's Big Score said...

What happened to "Gizza Job (3)"?