Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Twickenham Brewery

There are so few London breweries that I should write about them all more often. Fuller's is the biggest and most available and I am CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Sambrook's so both of those have been well represented among my musings on this site over the last year.

Meantime, Twickenham and Brodies have been covered less than comprehensively which is an oversight because all of their beers are generally excellent. The handful of London's brew pubs have not been mentioned at all. Perhaps I should get out more.

Twickenham Fine Ales started brewing in 2004 and became quickly established in local pubs and beer festivals and has won a number of awards for their beers including a silver medal in the Bitter category at Great British Beer Festival in 2007 for Sundancer - a 3.7% hoppy, session bitter.

Every beer - in my opinion - has been a winner. They are all brewed without any use of adjuncts by expert brewer, Tom Madeiros.

The beer that I tasted most recently is London Gold 4.9%, a well balanced strong(er) hoppy beer that has a malty backbone with a long bitter finish. Using four varieties of American hops combined with two British ones it is described as a Normandy invasion on your tongue. On a warm day, it was both refreshing and satisfying - another winner.

Beers from Twickenham will always be a reliable choice if you ever see any among the pumps and casks.

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John Paul Adams said...

Brodies is appearing a lot around north London due to it being on the SIBA direct delivery scheme, Sambrooks also.

Twickenham is pretty much unseen in these parts, any chance you can get it listed with the SIBA scheme? Would give a choice of three London breweries, four when Meantime get added.