Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Marmite Pedigree

As we approach the 2009 Ashes series, Marmite have launched a special edition of the savoury spread made with the surplus yeast from the brewing of Marston's Pedigree. Marston's, of course, being the official beer of the England cricket team so it looks like a good match. I don't suppose it tastes too different from wholesale Marmite but the branding looks great in the design of a cricket ball and it does give a promotion to beer that we would not usually see.

The limited edition of half a million jars follows a previous effort using yeast derived from Guinness in 2007. The jars should be on the shelves now but if you wish to support our cricketers in this way it will cost you £3.49 for a standard jar rather than the usual price of £2.49. Great marketing if you can pull it off.

Whether you love it or hate it, it must be better than the Aussie version, Vegemite.

Let's all eat a pot to celebrate a summer of rubbing their noses in the dust. Well, perhaps not but let's hope we see a summer of good, dry cricket.


Captain John "Hairy Face" Turbott said...

Marmite is too salty!

Vegemite is Australian!


Katie P said...

Vegemite has just launched there products mixed with kraft cream cheese. I'm gutted Marmite didn't do this first. But very glad to see there's a new marmite on the block. will def be getting myself a jar!