Saturday, 26 July 2008

Brewery History Society

Today's post included the new newsletter for The Brewery History Society together with a request for this year's subscription - £18. Compared to CAMRA's 92,000 members the BHS has approaching 500. There is no campaign, just an shared interest in promoting research into all aspects of the brewing industry, to encourage the interchange of information about breweries and brewing, and to collect photographic and other archive information about brewery history.

The journal published a couple of times a year is a collection of informative articles and papers written by the most able of the membership. Slightly highbrow for some but the only place I would suggest that new research on brewery history is being published presently.

The society is obviously keen to expand its membership base and I hereby endorse its aims and recommend its publications that come with the membership fee.

One interesting current project is building an oral history database whereby leading members of the industry are being interviewed to lay down their experiences for posterity.

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