Sunday, 27 July 2008

Always take the weather ...

Here in England, we spend all year complaining about the weather and then once summer arrives and we actually get a few days (that's all) of sunshine, what do we do ? Yes, we just carry on complaining !

Are the CAMRA crowd the only bunch who continue to drink real ale during this hot spell ? I have had a few pints this last week, most of them have not been very enjoyable and I seem to be the only one in the pub drinking real ale.

The hot weather quickly warms up even the coolest cellar temperature beer and the slower sales mean that the beer stays on sale too long. Admittedly, most of the pubs I have visited this week are not Good Beer Guide accredited but even in The Dove, Hammersmith today the Discovery, normally a beer that is chilled to an inch of its life, quickly warmed up in the sunshine on the terrace and was less thirst quenching towards the end of the pint.

There has been nothing wrong with any of the beers, they have has just not proved to be very refreshing. I have been craving a crisp sauvignon blanc, a cold continental lager or a cider over ice but I have kept the faith and persevered with cask. My reward will come in heaven or at least at GBBF the week after next where all beers will be cooled and turnover will be quick. 500 beers have to be sold over 5 days and 60,000 drinkers will be thoroughly refreshed whatever the outside temperature.

By the way, for anyone who claims they saw me drinking a pint of Strongbow with my son at a comedy club in Richmond last week is mistaken. Honestly !

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