Thursday, 18 August 2011

Call Yourself a Beer Blogger ?

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then is's a duck. But if it doesn't keep its blog up to date with regular postings, then it's not a blogging duck.

One blog post in nearly two months is inexcusable. Admittedly, I was otherwise engaged for about three of those weeks doing a prison art project (of which you will hear a lot more from me - even if it does not include beer) but the lack of up-to-date content here recently really is a poor show.

My notebook of ideas is full, my camera is loaded, plenty of people have sent me beer and books to write about and I have lot's of diary dates to share. Now, I just need to get my finger out and try to remember the password into the blog (if you are reading this, it's clear that my memory was good).

If I took one message away from the Beer Bloggers Conference about good blogging, it was that it is vital to have a regular stream of postings. People won't visit your blog if there's nothing new to read, though it's encouraging how many of you have dropped by regularly in the last month to read and re-read about Barnard's travels.

Well, here goes. I can't guarantee that the musings here in future will inform, educate, entertain, expose, campaign, stimulate, champion, story-tell, describe or evangelise, but I am going to try my hardest to make sure there is something new to read.

Stay tuned !


Bailey said...

We had a few months off and it doesn't seem to have done us any real harm. Google beer blog and note how highly Stonch and Maieb still rate, despite not having posted in several years!

Anyway, glad to hear you're back and raring to go.

mudskipperbeerlife said...

How often do you suggest as a good time between blogs? I'm trying to maintain 3 days, but I had my best response when I was doing 1 a day (that became undoable so quickly though!)

The Beer Justice said...

Mudskipper, I think daily is a good target, two or three times a week is achievable and at least weekly should be a minimum. Depends really on the normal length of blog posts, the time available and the unanswerable question - why do we blog ? Steve