Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Toer de Geuze 2011 - Oud Beersel

Next stop is Oud Beersel, the newest of the lambic blenders having resurrected the company after it closed in 2003. We landed here just as one of the HORAL buses arrived so there was a long queue to walk round the cellars.

We were on a mission, so enjoyed another quick glass of lambic and decided to walk to the next place, Drie Fonteinen. Supposedly a 10 minute walk, our plan was to get in an extra glass of Drie Fonteinen beer while the rest of the tour followed either on the bus or a more leisurely stroll.

Luckily I had a guide - NOT. "It's ok, I know where it is, just by the church, in the town" says the guide (Lovely Eric, world famous publican). I started to get worried as no church came in sight, and ten minutes turned to twenty. A schoolboy French conversation got us back on track and the guide did not fail as we reached the next brewery a minute before the bus. Doh !

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