Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fullers Fine Ale Club

Going through my mailbox, I notice that Fullers Fine Ale Club are asking all members to renew their membership to confirm that all members still wish to be members after the first ten years of the club.

This is timely to remind people that membership is free and comes with a free quarterly magazine to keep up-to-date with the beers coming out of the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick as well as various competitions, guest writers, events, merchandise etc.

Joining is as easy as ordering a pint. Follow the link or ring 08456 447663.

and, did I mention ? membership is free !


Pelle Stridh said...

Thanks for the information Steve. I haven't received a mail so I better check this up on how to renew my membership. I joined over 5 years ago and I think they don't accept membership outside UK/Ireland anymore, or do they?
Pelle Stridh
All about Beer - UK/Ireland

The Beer Justice said...

Pelle Sad if they don't accept overseas given that export is one of their largest growth areas. Perhaps cost of postage to a million US beer geeks is prohibitive. Steve

John Paul Adams said...

I had thrown away my wrapper before reading that you have to renew to stay on the list and need your membership number from the wrapper!

I did fill in the comment form on their website explaining but as usual with comment forms, no reply yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a member of the Fuller's Fine Ale Club and I live in Mexico City! I'm sure they'd send you the magazine in the US!