Monday, 8 February 2010

Battersea Beer Festival

If you do nothing else this week, get yourself down to the twentieth Battersea Beer Festival being held at the Battersea Arts Centre on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Among the 150 or so cask ales you will also find a well stocked foreign bar, plenty of cider and perry and the legendary Polish food from Kam's Deli.

This is likely you be a very popular event so I recommend you get there as early as possible each evening.

For any who don't know where it is, it is about a 10 minute walk up Lavender Hill from Clapham Junction railway station.


Rabidbarfly said...

How do I get a trade ticket? I'm off tomorrow but would come along anyway

The Beer Justice said...


Byron Norby said...

Try paying at the door!

John Paul Adams said...

The Plough is having a beer festival this weekend, quite a long list. Think it starts Thursday. Last one was very good but I think Battersea wins. Will be there Thursday night.

Paul Thomas (no relation to the other Paul Thomas) said...

Yesterday at the excellent Battersea Beer Festival, I met a man who must be your double.

I was convinced that he dyed his hair...

Still, the beers were good!