Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year

As I poke my furry nose out from beneath the duvet at the end of my self imposed winter hibernation, I realise that there is still the strong pull of the keyboard and an energy and ambition to continue with the blog.

Thank you to those who have provided encouragement in the last month by asking when the musings will return - you know who you are ..... yes, both of you. Thanks also to those who have told me you enjoyed the videos - there is more to come.

If there is a sure fire way to remove half of the blog readers, it is to say you are taking a break. Thanks to those of you who have persistently returned hoping to find something new. I apologise that I could not match that enthusiasm. Hopefully the other half of you who went away will return just as quickly.

So, here we go. A New Year brings a fresh and vibrant return to blogging about the world of beer. I hope there is something here for you to enjoy over the coming months and I look forward to sharing a pint or two in your company - either virtually or in person.

and finally, to wet your whistle, my favourite one from a Christmas cracker last year ......

What annoys an oyster ?

A noisy noise annoys an oyster !

Cheers all



John Paul Adams said...

You're going to have to double your posting rate now that Stonch's beer blog is closed!

BryanB said...

Stonch will be back too when his fingers get bored and itchy!

Brew Wales said...

Welcome back Steve. Had some time off blogging myself but a new year so got to get back into blogging.

Bailey said...

Hooray! I've been clicking through every couple of days wondering if you'd quit for good or were just having a pause. Welcome back.

P C Lakov said...

Why did the cross-eyed teacher get the sack?

Because he couldn't control his pupils!

Rudolph said...

Welcome back and Happy New Beer!! I have acumalated Brewdog/American bottles in December in case we had bad snow!! What luck there is snow now ao I can crack open the emergency rations!!!