Friday, 21 August 2009

A Gap Year ?

Proud Dad yesterday as my son received good enough A level grades to join Portsmouth University for the next three years.

With my daughter already two years into an English degree in the People's Republic of South Yorkshire, the next year is likely to be a little quiet around the house.

As a result Mrs W and I are already making plans to travel more.

My list includes Bamberg, Prague, Belgium - various sorties, Amsterdam, Peak District - must include Sheffield. You get the idea.

Any other ideas gratefully received.

Her list includes a cruise, Vegas, New York, New Forest,Suffolk and Kent - for birds, Barcelona and Rome.

Pete Brown's latest book, Hops and Glory, gives just enough flavour of a Med cruise to give it a go (I think I have just about reached a certain age where cruising is acceptable). However, I must research the beer opportunities of the other places before I commit.

Many of the World's most famous beery places have been well covered on books and blogs over the years but hopefully this blog will be going International over the coming months.


ZakAvery said...

New York is a great beer destination.

Biff Blunkanschorp said...

Not to mention Porter Tours!

Oh, I just did...

Anonymous said...

Yous hsould consider Italy as well. A few beery nights in Rome combined with a cruise?

Bailey said...

We bought the paper version, but you should definitely check this website out for tips on the best beer gardens to visit in Franconia.

Have you been to Duesseldorf? We loved it, and it's quite handy on the train.

Brewblogger said...

"Taking up cruising"
Will be joining LAGRAD next?

The Beer Justice said...

Thanks all. Now Mrs W thinks it will be beer only on our travels.