Friday, 27 March 2009

Cask Ale Week

As part of Cask Ale Week, on Thursday 9th April, Tom Madeiros, chief brewer at Twickenham Fine Ales, will be visiting The Willoughby Arms in Kingston for a 'Meet the Brewer' evening, from 8pm.

No charge for the event apart from your beers. Everyone is welcome.

Thursday 9th also sees a Brodie's Brewery Evening at Leyton Orient Supporters Club, where the full range of Brodies beers from Sweet William Brewery are expected to be available.

The Willoughby Arms will also be participating in the 'World's Biggest Toast' on Saturday 11th April. Be there for the toast at 7pm followed by a disco, raffle etc.


Cheddar George said...

What type of cheese are they putting on the toast?

Jacques Gouda said...

I hope it isn't that "cheese substitute" muck that some pizza places use...