Friday, 14 January 2011

Windsor and Eton Brewery - Conquerer Black IPA

Giving a shout-out to Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham's website yesterday reminded me once more of my blogging failings - you can't beat pros.

Over the back end of last year I came across the newest beer from Windsor and Eton Brewery a number of times - Conquerer, described as a black IPA brewed to 5% with 5 different malts along with Summit and Cascade hops to produce an intense combination of roasted flavours balanced with full fresh pine hop aroma.

Every time I tried the beer it got better and better, every time I saw it on the bar I had to try it. It really was one of the beer highlights of 2010.

When it came to sharing its delights on this blog, I came across the musings of Ben (I assume) on the Dwink website.

There are times when you read something that just can't be improved upon. I can't beat this !

Read what thought about the beer here.

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Anonymous said...

As it happens, I tried this for the first time today - I'd heard of it before but not found it available anywhere. It's on at the Sir Michael Balcon, which is the Ealing Wetherspoons, and very good it is too.