Saturday, 17 October 2009

Adnams Kolsch in Barnes

Sometimes the greatest pleasure in life is one that comes unexpected. Such was my experience last week when I dropped in on a local pub that I had not visited since Christmas. Given that I am the local CAMRA rep for my nearest 15 or so pubs it is inexcusable to overlook those that are not on the tried and tested real ale radar.

The setting of The Sun Inn in Barnes is perfect, nestled alongside Barnes Pond, in what is often described as a charming village-like atmosphere. Their real ale, in my experience, has never matched the beauty of the location. However, in the cause of research, it is important to keep the faith and I wandered in while dropping my London Drinker magazines to the award winning Fuller's and Young's pubs nearby.

The pub was full, as is usual, and on the bar alongside some of the more common beers was a strange pumpclip. On closer inspection, it appeared to be a new seasonal beer from Adnams - their take on a German Kolsh.

The beer was a delight. Gold in colour, it has a light floral aroma, is a 4.2% beer, served cool not chilled, with a lovely lemony hop flavour that faded quickly to a short floral aftertaste. Just what I needed after a more fruity ESB.

The beer is the first in a series of seasonal beers from Adnams and I will certainly looking out for future offerings :

October: K├Âlsch-style beer, 4.2%
November: Belgium Abbey Ale, 5.0%
December: German-style Wheat beer, 4.1%
January: American-style IPA, 4.8%
February: Belgian style Witbier, 4.2%
March: Irish Dry Stout, 4.3%

I will also be dropping into the Sun Inn more frequently. An unexpected pleasure on two counts - research well done.


Bailey said...

That's exciting news! I love it when British breweries make German-style beers. I wonder if it's on anywhere near where I live?

Adnams said...

We'll be making our first deliveries of the Abbey Ale next week. We welcome any feedback on these new releases.


The Beer Justice said...

Fergus, thanks for dropping in, I will be on the look-out for these beers each month from now on. Steve